Booty Shorts vs Bike Shorts

Booty Shorts vs Bike Shorts

It's almost that time of year again in Australia where we put our leggings away and pull out our cute bike shorts. Whether you are more of a midi length bike shorts lady or tiny booty shorts kind of girl, MC Activewear have you covered!

Our Booty shorts are super highwaisted and come in black and white and are available in sizes XS, S, M, and L. Even though they are super short  our booty shorts  are designed not to ride up during your workout. So if you feeling cute and looking for cute workout shorts our high waisted booty shorts are available at Ladies Booty Shorts.

Our ladies bike shorts are equally as cute however they are a slightly different fit. Available in more colours including Black, White, Khaki, and Grey our women's bike shorts sit between the knee and the thigh however they are not super high waisted like our booty shorts. The waist line sits just above the belly button. They won't ride up during your workout and provide great coverage especially if your workouts have you in compromising positions. Our ladies bike shorts are available at Ladies Bike Shorts.



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